Industrial Machinery

Industrial Plants and Machinery for food and chemical sectors

INOXTEK works daily with customers from all over the world in the construction of industrial plants. Every day we have high quality standards such as welding and special finishes for the pasta and pharmaceutical industry.

Impianti industriali

Design and Protoypes

We are able to design and prototype a machine up to the final realization with assembly at the customer

3D CAD/CAM Design

Our CAD-CAM systems, periodically updated, process all the projects in detail, from the development of the drawings to the drafting of the machine programs, following the items from the prototype to production

High quality standards

We guarantee high standards and numerous quality controls in all our production departments

Programming and Software

We are able to do any electronic work up to a fully automated system connected with external infrastructures

On-time delivery

INOXTEK has always stood out for its punctuality and respect for delivery times thanks to excellent planning and organization of production processes

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