INOXTEK, a company specialized in the processing of steel, uses laser technology that allows for precise and nested cuts, obtaining results of great value, with less residual material.

Sheet metal processing without limits

Laser cutting is a very innovative, high-performance technology, used in an ever-increasing number of applications and in particular in metal sheet processing, obtaining extremely high quality results.

The high level of process flexibility, the practically unlimited range of materials to which it can be applied and, again, the infinite variety of shapes that can be obtained with laser cutting, are the main features of this technology and explain its worldwide recognition as an indispensable basic technology.

The high precision of the dimensions and the minimum thermal deformation of the sheet are two of the most convincing advantages that allow laser cutting to be preferred over other technologies.

Work parameters
Worktop X = 3000 mm
Y = 1500 mm
Z = 170 mm
Power 4000 W
Cutting on iron sheets with thicknesses up to 20mm
Cutting on stainless steel sheets with thicknesses up to 15mm
Cutting on aluminum sheets with thicknesses up to 8mm
Tolerance ± 0.1 mm / m
Accuracy 0.5 mm / m

Laser cutting applications

– Handcrafted design and with any type of shaping
– Written with serigraphy and tracing
– Plates and signs on metal sheet, with design of logos, engravings, etc.
– Furnishings

Commercial furnishings:
– Coating of work benches, top for industrial kitchens and related accessories, work tables, cabinets, hoods, bar counters, display tops, wall shelves, shelving, all customizable at your request.

Industrial applications:
– Machines and equipment for the food industry
– Accessories for the nautical industry
– Components for the textile industry

– Flexibility and ability to work on diversified projects, creating complex shapes with reduced curvature radii
– Precision and high accuracy in reproducing the desired design
– High quality of the final result, with no defects or imperfections
– Reduction of processing residues
– Reduced working times, high productivity
– Reduced cutting width
– Minimal heating of the affected areas and, therefore, minimal thermal deformations
– Working with computerized control software

Bystronic Laser Cutting technology allows accurate processing of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, brass and wood.

Bystronic is the leading company in the design and production of machines and technologies for cutting and metal processing, and stands out in particular for the development and implementation of high performance laser cutting systems.

All the technical components and all the parts of the system are the result of specific research and of the company’s development activity.

Bystronic implements technologies in its systems that significantly improve production processes and represent an important technical advance for users; in particular the computerized control software.

The Bystar system used by Inoxtek is a modular machine with advanced technology for flexible and functional use; guarantees high precision results and guarantees a very efficient production process, which allows to satisfy every need.

In addition to cutting sheet metal, Bystar also allows laser cutting on round, square and rectangular section tubes.