INOXTEK Taglio Laser Bystronic

The company INOXTEK S.r.l. founded in 1991 is located among the green hills of the Serra Morena two kilometers from Ivrea, is based in the industrial area of Burolo in the province of Turin.

Specialized in steel processing (AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel) and in laser cutting with different formats and thicknesses in relation to the expected characteristics, the company operates on behalf of third parties and was created to meet all customer needs based on his experience in the construction of ecological and food machines for which it uses high-tech machinery, in particular, laser cutting systems with Bystronic technology are used.

It has long been active in the light and heavy carpentry sector (stainless steel, aluminum) producing square tubes and round tubular bases, hoppers of all sizes, tanks for dough mixers, grids, protections, electrical panels and control panels.

The technical sector completely executes the project starting from the development of the design up to the realization of the smallest details.

3D computer systems are used for the design.

The modern production workshop extends over 5,000 square meters and uses modern processing facilities: welding, milling, bending, grinding, assembly, threading, flaring with absolute precision in machine construction ensuring the quality and reliability of the finished product.


Our technical department, in addition to following the various processing can assist the customer in the design and development phase. The design is performed with 3D software by our specialized technicians.

The company’s production cycle is able to meet the needs of the food industry, tanning, ecological, textile and mechanics even for very small volumes. More generally, the company operates in the food sector with the production of steel equipment for restaurants and food laboratories.

The company is also specialized in the sector of furnishings for bars, carpentry and complete mechanics.